CRW is specialised in integrity due diligence and corporate investigations.

Integrity Due Diligence

CRW has extensive experience in assisting clients in the implementation of compliance procedures in the area of third-party integrity assessments, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulation.

CRW's Integrity Due Diligence is aimed at identifying and mitigating the potential risks that companies face by relating to their counterparts, whether they are suppliers, partners or competitors.

Integrity Due Diligence can be divided into different types of reports depending on the clients’ needs.

Personalized approach, Consolidated experience in the sector, Use of innovative tools, Final risk assessment, Wide geographical coverage.

The collection and analysis of information are conducted by multi-laungage professionals with investigative and analytical skills and through innovative techniques.

The information obtained is analysed, verified and framed in structured reports. The reputational risk is assessed and a rating value based on the various risk levels ​​(a sort of "traffic light") is provided.

Thanks to a team of multilingual analysts and an extensive network of associates worldwide which has been developed and consolidated over the years, CRW offers Integrity Due Diligence services in numerous other jurisdictions, with the same quality level.

Management Due Diligence

The reputational due diligence on management represents an important and effective tool to mitigate the risks associated with the hiring or promotion of top management. In fact, the wrong choice of a manager can have reputational and economic consequences for the company. This may be even more relevant for large companies with a presence in multiple jurisdicitons.

The reputational due diligence on management consists in verifying their background, their qualifications and the reputation gained in the course of previous professional experiences.

The selection process and the final decision thus benefit from an in-depth gathering of validated information including on the person’ capabilities and professional history . Management Due Diligence helps make the right decision and avoid taking reputational risks.

CRW services are carried out in full compliance with the privacy law (GDPR)

Competitive Due Diligence

In the current situation of increased level of competition, the timeliness and accuracy of information on the plans, strategies, strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors often provide decisive economic advantages. CRW offers a range of services aimed at obtaining a better knowledge of competitors, to help its clients develop a successful competitive and commercial strategy. Information in relation to competitors include:

  • Identification of the most important sources of revenue and costs
  • Evaluation of the main success and critical factors
  • Coverage of information gaps and appropriate assessments of the competitor’s business environment, its partners and connections
  • Identification of the various local specificities and the related implications in the company’s business operations
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant information in relation to the competitor’s relationship with customers and suppliers and of its marketing and business strategies.
  • Identification of any hostile conduct which could negatively affect the client’s business

Political Risk Analysis

Taking strategic decisions when operating in unstable jurisdictions, including those involved in conflicts (internal / external), implies significant risks for investors and those operating there.

CRW provides information on all strategic factors including: geopolitical dynamics, aspects related to internal politics, the economic and financial situation of the jurisdictions or macro areas of interest, existing technologies and/or social behaviour which might impact on the political decisions of the geographical area of ​​interest

Through the research and analysis activities implemented by CRW, it is possible to develop an adequate strategy to address all the variables present in the political / economic scenario of a specific country or geographical area which is of interest to the client.

Strategy related to new markets approach

  • Geopolitical analysis of the geographical area of interest
  • Detailed information on political and economic risks of a specific country
  • Evaluation relating to security, corruption, and regulatory aspects
  • Analysis of international relations and government policies of the target country
  • Operational risk assessments associated with the socio-cultural specificities of the country of interest

Operational advice on political risks

  • Regular updates on all factors which can affect government decisions
  • Continuous monitoring of all parameters which might affect the client’s investment or interests in the region
  • Updated reporting on possible sanctions or law and regulation changes

Consulting related to the management of relationships with the local government

  • Assistance in obtaining an understanding of the local government power structure
  • Verification of the client’s positioning in relation to the local power structure
  • In-depth analysis of all factors which might impact on government decisions (e.g. pressure from the local business and financial community); presence of opinion leaders who have a significant social weight in the specific context

Financial Investigations and Fraud

Companies are subject to corruption, fraud, accounting irregularities, information leaks, commercial fraud and other forms of irregularities. Such issues create financial losses and reputational damages to clients.

CRW is able to conduct internal investigations - confidential and in-depth - aimed at providing an objective and impartial assessment and, where possible, collect factual evidence of the internal irregularities.

A typical internal investigation includes a careful analysis of the events that occurred, tracing and analysis of relevant documentary evidence, including the acquisition of documents in electronic format, interviews with the company’s employees and/or management with the aim of identifying possible witnesses.