Corporate Risk Watch is a risk consulting company founded in 2006 by professionals with a consolidated experience in the risk management sector gained in Italy and abroad.

CRW offers personalised solutions responding to the different levels of risk that its clients face in various jurisdictions, according to the highest quality and ethical standard


CRW's mission is to create a transparent and ethical environment for its clients’ business.

Our goal is to actively contribute to the creation of a transparent and ethically sound environment in which our client develop their business. Particular emphasis is placed on the quality and reliability of the information provided, with full respect for confidentiality. All the procedures implemented by the company fully comply with the directives of the law on privacy and data protection.

Our team

  • Nicoletta Grilli

    Managing Director

    Nicoletta co-founded CRW in 2006. She gained over 16 years of experience in the corporate intelligence, investigations and risk assessment sectors working for some of the most prestigious international risk consulting companies and specializing in the management and coordination of corporate investigations and integrity due diligence. She also worked for the German desk at one of these companies and was a member of the internal Risk Committee based in London. Finally, she worked at the Hong Kong office where she was in charge of training internal resources and contributed to the development of activities at the regional level. She is an expert in integrity due diligence, anti-corruption investigations, anti-money laundering compliance (she holds a certification as Anti-Money Laundering Specialist), sanctions, risk assessment and corporate fraud prevention. She is a native Czech and Italian speaker and speaks English, German and Spanish.
  • Sergio Sergi

    Managing Director

    Sergio co-founded CRW in 2006. Engineer, he has been working as a consultant in the risk management sector for over thirty years, during which he has worked, among others, for a number of pharmaceutical multinationals, investment funds and companies active in the sector credit insurance. He has extensive experience in financial investigations, reputational due diligence and competitive intelligence services. Sergio has specialised in risk assessment in mergers and acquisitions in strategic industrial sectors. He speaks Italian, English and French.
  • Marcella Binda

    Senior Director

    Marcella has been working in the business intelligence and corporate investigations sector for fifteen years, when she joined a multinational company operating in the risk consulting sector based in New York. She was Director at the Milan office of this company where she gained solid experience in carrying out reputational due diligence by assisting clients both in merger and acquisition transactions and in compliance procedures, in Italy and abroad. Marcella has supported law firms by managing property searches and investigations in the labor law sector and coordinated anti-fraud investigations and competitive intelligence cases. She speaks Italian, English and French.
  • Alessandro Sergi

    Senior Analyst

    Alessandro has been operating in the business intelligence and corporate investigations sector for six years, when he started working with a consolidated management consulting and risk management company in Turin. With international studies in political science, he has gained experience as a junior analyst before joining the CRW team on a permanent basis, with the role of senior analyst. His area of expertise includes integrity reputational due diligence processing, business solvency analysis as well as reputational and financial risk assessments. He speaks Italian and English.


  • ESG e reputazione: la nuova frontiera della due diligence

    byNicoletta Grilli

    Le modalità con cui le imprese, nel prossimo decennio, dovranno approcciare la problematica della raccolta e analisi delle informazioni su controparti e concorrenti subiranno delle radicali modifiche. Le tematiche ESG, infatti, sono entrate a far parte di diritto nell’analisi del rischio connesso agli investimenti e alle relazioni contrattuali con partner, fornitori e altre tipologie di soggetti terzi.

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  • La Due Diligence Reputazionale

    by Sergio Sergi, Nicoletta Grilli

    In business increased attention is put to the most diverse risk situations, especially in light of the difficult global economic conditions

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  • Italy: seeing the threat behind corruption

    by Nicoletta Grilli

    In the context of anti-money laundering (AML), the Italian scenario is influenced by a series of typically Italian characteristics which distinguishes the country apart from other advanced European economies. Italy is a member of the EU and part of G8 and can appear to outsiders to be a country that is full of contradictions where decisions often appear difficult to decode

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  • Beneficial ownership and offshore structures – a Lichtenstein case study

    by Sergio Sergi, Nicoletta Grilli

    This article presents some of the key anti-money laundering (AML) issues associated with beneficial ownership, especially in the offshore context. We conclude with a case study that suggests ways to add value to the Know Your Customer (KYC) process by applying creative research techniques and shrewd analysis.

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