Due diligence services are used by financial institutions, companies and investment funds.

Due diligence services are required to comply with the US and EU legislations and regulations, such as the US Patriot ACT/Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), US Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA)and the OECD Convention of Bribery, with the ultimate objective to reduce the risk of liability.

This type of due diligence is conducted with the aim of detecting direct or indirect links of business partners with government officials, to find indications or evidence of involvement in criminal, unethical or illegal activities and to ensure that the targets are not included in any US or other country’s “black” entity list.

Due diligence services provide valuable support to activities such as M&A, key hires and venture capital investments, to assess potential financial and reputational risks as well as strengths and weaknesses of these activities. The due diligence service includes examining the reputations of target individuals or companies, identifying areas of controversy in their associations, financial reporting and previous business dealings.