Corporate Risk Watch is a risk consulting company founded in 2006 by professionals with a consolidated experience in the risk management sector gained in Italy and abroad.

CRW offers services reputational due diligence, corporate investigations and risk management services to diverse clientele, including corporate groups, law firms, financial institutions and international management consulting firms.

Who we are


CRW offers reputational due diligence and financial investigation services to banks, companies and law firms

What services do we offer?
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Our goal is to actively contribute to the creation of an environment that is as transparent and ethically correct as possible in which our clients can develop their business.

  • Transparency,
  • Ethical Standards,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Reliability,
  • Personalised solutions,
  • Risk assessment


In globalised markets the importance of risk analysis and prevention as part of the decision-making process has grown significantly

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The methodology and investigative techniques used by CRW for this purpose represent the synthesis of a consolidated experience in the risk consulting sector.
Our Methodology


BCF Partners is a pan-European consortium of long-standing partners — Berlin Riskz (Germany), CRW (Italy) and FIP (France, Luxemburg, Switzerland). We combine extensive geographic reach and financial crime expertise, including money laundering, corruption, fraud and risk assessment within the context of specific compliance requirements.

Together, CRW, Berlin Risk and FIP help their clients manage risk, protect themselves from illicit activity, meet their compliance obligations and enhance business opportunities.

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