The importance of risk analysis and prevention as part of the decision-making process has grown considerably in globalized markets.

The methodologies and operating techniques used by CRW for this purpose represent the synthesis of consolidated experience gained in the risk consulting sector.

CRW stands out for:

  • Personalized approach with the possibility to adopt the research methodology to the client's needs, in full compliance with the confidentiality of the tasks assigned

  • Information gathering and analysis conducted by a multi-lingual team of professionals with investigative and analytical skills in the field of reputational, environmental, political and financial risk

  • Use of innovative and updated Risk Assessment tools, aimed at weighing the potential risks associated with the counterparties

  • An extensive network of collaborators, developed and consolidated over the years in Europe as well as in America, Africa and Asia

CRW adopts a methodology which is compatible with the highest ethical and quality standards in force in the sector and in line with best practices in terms of privacy and data processing, both in Italy and abroad.