CRW relies on a multi-lingual team with international experience in risk

The success of our clients’ businesses is influenced by decisions taken with respect to new partnerships, investments and business dealings.

management and on a network of contracted professionals worldwide.

CRW’s skilled team of multi-lingual professionals with international experience helps clients mitigate the exposure to financial and reputational risks.

CRW provides clients with reliable information and strategic analysis they require to maximise business opportunities in different regions of the world.

CRW offers services to comply with anti-corruption and anti-money laundering legislations and in support of business partnerships, investments and market entries, hiring of employees, complicated business transactions and legal disputes.


Corporate Risk Watch is the holder of a private investigations license, in accordance with the paragraph 134 T.U.L.P.S, issued by the Italian authorities.

Corporate Risk Watch is a member of the following associations:

Association of anti-money Laundering Specialists (www.acams.org)
Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (www.amcham.it)
Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Italy (www.china-italy.it)