An in-depth knowledge of business environments and dynamics, persons and companies involved in the business

Particularly today, the increasingly globalized economy, the rapid growth of the Russian, Chinese and Indian economy and the expansion of the European Union is a double-edged sword for the business as it has opened the door to new markets and opportunities but also to new risks and challenges. Clients are exposed to risks due to a lack of knowledge of new partners, business practices and of the specificities of the business environments in which they operate.

CRW offers business intelligence and financial investigation services to financial institutions, companies and international law firms.

dealings, helps to mitigate risks and to maximise the business opportunities.

Financial institutions

  1. Due Diligence / Compliance
  2. anti-money Laundering


  1. Due Diligence / Compliance
  2. Competitive Intelligence
  3. Financial and Fraud Investigation

Private Equity and Hedge Funds

  1. Due Diligence / Compliance

International Law Firms

  1. Litigation Support
  2. anti-money Laundering