CRW was established in 2006 by Nicoletta Grilli and Sergio Sergi who had built their career in international, mainly UK and US- based, investigative and risk consulting firms. In that period, large Italian corporations began to acknowledge, with some delay compared to the UK and the US, that integrity due diligence is a principal component of good governance applied to different areas of risk faced by them. To obtain a deeper understanding of potential or existing business partners, primarily from a financial crime risk management perspective, became more and more important in the context of increased international business relations and the fast-developing international legislative framework in the area of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption.
Progressively, integrity due diligence and investigations in general became a focal point in response to these regulations. CRW developed its client base which included large international corporations, European financial institutions, international consulting and law firms as well as private equity firms. CRW managers’ international background and experience in conducting investigative assignments in many countries has enabled CRW to become one of the few Italian boutique companies to offer high-quality investigative and risk-consulting services also outside Italy. Hundreds of supply chain and pre-transactional integrity due diligence assignments worldwide have been conducted in the last ten years by CRW’s multilingual team. A global network of risk-consulting experts have progressively become our associated partners.

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