WhistleblowingIT digital platform

Corporate Risk Watch supports companies by providing the digital, encrypted platform WhistleblowingIT, a project promoted by the Italian division of Transparency International, which is among the world's leading organisations in the fight against corruption and an active promoter of the European directive on whistleblowing.

We also offer training on understanding and dealing at best with whistleblowers and assistance in collecting evidence to confirm or dismiss the whistleblowers’ statements.

How it works

  1. Fill in the dedicated form with your details and we will send you a link to access a demo of WhistleblowingIT.

  2. You can either try the platform yourself or book a meeting and we will assist you.

  3. The platform will be configurated and activated within two days.

  4. We also support you in i) definition of an internal communication plan regarding the existence of the platform; ii) creation of instructions for its use. iii) We also provide technical assistance and administrative support and response to any feedback.

Price and duration

Subscription to the platform is available at a price of €1,000 per company, per year, for a minimum term of three years.

Why choosing WhistleblowingIT platform?

  • WhistleblowingIT was designed by Transparency International’s greatest experts in whistleblowing.

  • The platform is used by ANAC, the Italian National Anti-corruption Authority, Italian Ministries and over 4,000 public entities, including Regions as well as large public and private companies.

  • It is the result of years of analysis of all aspects of whistleblowing. The whistleblower’s questionnaire is formulated so that qualified information is obtained.

  • It is subject to continuous improvements, including adapting to changes of the whistleblowing legislation and based on the feedbacks received from clients, without any additional costs.

  • It is easy to use, of high technical quality and low cost.

  • Technical and any other kind of assistance related to the use of the platform is provided promptly (without ticketing).


In March 2023, the Italian government adopted Legislative Decree 24/2023, later converted into law, which transposed the EU Directive 2019/1937. The new standard is aimed at strengthening the whistleblowing system, i.e., the set of tools through which a wide range of individuals can report the occurrence of wrongdoing likely to undermine the public interest or the integrity of the public administration or a private entity.

In practical terms, among the main changes introduced by the law is the obligation for all companies with at least 50 employees to equip themselves - by 17 December 2023 - with tools and procedures to ensure complete confidentiality for all those who wish to report wrongdoing. The decree also identifies the so-called "internal channel" as the preferred route that companies will have to adopt to structure their whistleblowing system.

References to legislation, guidelines and studies on whistleblowing from Transparency International and other international bodies can be accessed here: https://www.whistleblowing.it/normativa-e-pubblicazioni/

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