Investigations. We carry out preventive and reactive investigations to protect your business from corruption, money laundering, human rights violations and fraud

Companies can be subject to corruption, fraud, accounting irregularities, information leaks, commercial and other forms of illegal activity which create financial losses and reputational damage. In addition, legislation in the area of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and human-rights protection requires companies to adopt both effective preventive and reactive measures to protect themselves and their third parties from illegal and unethical business practices.

We support our clients with both preventive investigations, in particular in risky jurisdictions, to protect them from risks of corruption or other financial crimes and with internal investigation in cases of suspicions of internal fraud or corruption. We also provide advisory services in the implementation of anti-corruption measures and whistleblowing systems. Our investigative activities are always in line with the highest ethical standards and we meet all security and data protection requirements when gathering and analysing information.

Case Study: Analysis of fraudulent activity by former shareholders and directors of a company operating in submarine cable anti-corrosion services

A company purchased a small Italian company active in the same sector. Soon after the deal, the acquirer suspected that the former owner/managers of the purchased company continued to be active in the same sector, in violation of the non-compete-agreement in place.

Our investigation, which included analysis of information found in the public domain as well as on-the ground- enquiries and surveillance revealed that former shareholder and a former manager, through their close relatives, had established companies which were owned by vehicles registered in an offshore location and through them were approaching previous clients and hiring former employees.

The information gathered enabled the client to use the evidence of the non-compete agreement violation in support of the legal strategy against the former shareholder.

We help you take informed and risk-based decisions. Benefit from our experience.

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