CRW is an independent risk consulting firm based in Milan and in Prague and operating worldwide.

Since 2006, it helps clients assess reputational risks deriving from relations with third parties and gather information in support of strategic decisions also in the most complex jurisdictions.
CRW brings together professionals with a consolidated and international experience in the area of risk consulting, who are multilingual, have a direct experience in gathering and analysing information in numerous countries worldwide and over 20 years of experience in conducting research, analysis and assessment of financial and reputational risks.

Global reach

We have conducted hundreds of due diligence and investigative projects in all key regions including Western, Eastern, North and Southern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. Each case is managed in-house in close collaboration with members of our global network who are industry experts and consolidated partners. CRW and its experts are fluent in the principal languages including English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.


Companies, financial institutions, investors including private equity firms are exposed to risks which are more or less visible and require support in the areas of due diligence, corporate investigations, competitive intelligence, risk assessment and compliance advisory.

Our services

In the globalised world, companies are increasingly exposed to reputational, legal and financial risks related to their clients, suppliers, business partners and employees, which are often hidden and difficult to identify. 


Mergers & Acquisitions /new business partnerships: preventive identification of hidden integrity-related risks and business-related risks to help taking safe and informed decisions (Due Diligence).
Suppliers (KYV): assessment of the risk profile of your suppliers, new or existing, even in the most complex jurisdictions, with different levels of research and analysis, as required (Due Diligence).
Management/Employees (KYE): Identification of any issues of concern to help client mitigate risks associated with the hiring of managers and employees (Integrity Due Diligence).
Clients (KYC): Identification of any reputational of financial risks linked to a new costumer. (Integrity Due Diligence).
Competitors: analysis and information gathering on competitors to help in the development of competitive and commercial strategies (Competitive Due Diligence).
Litigation support / Financial crime: Reactive gathering of anecdotal or factual evidence to confirm or dismiss allegations of fraud or corruption involving employees, suppliers or business partners (Investigations).
Market entry: Analysis of the political and business environment in support of the establishment of a new business in complex or politically unstable jurisdictions (Political Risk Analysis).

Integrity matters

We believe that transparency, integrity and respect of ESG factors is the key for a solid and successful business.

How we do it

Understand and Propose

The scope and the terms of the assignments meet the individual client requirements. We provide personalised solutions in close collaboration with our clients.


Our analysts and associated partners have a high level of expertise in conducting research through international and local databases and in open sources including social networks and the deep web in all relevant languages. We understand how and which information can be retrieved in the various countries and how reliable it is.


Based on our long- standing experience, we have developed an outspoken expertise in analysing, prioritising and cross- checking the information retrieved. We evaluate the reliability of each source of information and put it in the right context.


We have developed outspoken investigative techniques which include confidential human intelligence through a network of authoritative and well-placed sources. All information gathered is analysed, cross-checked and evaluated.


Our Risk Assessment is an important part of all our due diligence assignments. It enables clients to understand the relevance of the risks identified and their implications for their business.


Clarity and attention to detail are key elements of our reporting. We deliver different types of reports based on the terms and the scope of the assignment. We provide interim reports and follow up actions such as monitoring, as required. Every project is overseen by a manager who is the point of contact for the client.

We help you take informed and risk-based decisions. Benefit from our experience.

You can purchase one of our due diligence reports directly or discuss with us how we can help you.

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