The Americas

CRW has conducted a significant number of assignments in the most economically significant countries in the Americas, in particular the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, mainly in the area of pre-transactional integrity due diligence. Investigative projects have also been carried out in South American countries such as Paraguay and Uruguay.
American countries are very different from each other in terms of availability of and access to reliable information. For example, while a large amount of official information is publicly available in countries such as the US and Brazil, with significant differences between the various States as a result of their federal systems, it is much more difficult to obtain reliable information in countries such as Uruguay or Guatemala. CRW has developed a high level of expertise in conducting integrity due diligence in most countries in the Americas, thanks to the support of trusted local partners.
Case Study

Integrity due diligence in South America

CRW was retained by a global company operating in the energy sector, to conduct integrity due diligence on a South American engineering company, a potential partner for the development of wind farms in the country.

The Context

Research has established that the target company had been involved in tax evasion and ESG violations including labour law violations which have led to a wave of protests and strikes of its employees, demanding better salaries and working conditions. In addition, the company had been sanctioned by the local regulatory authorities in connection with a series of other irregularities, which resulted in restrictions to participate in tenders and to sign contracts with the public administration.

The Result

Although none of the managers or the shareholders had faced any criminal charges in the South American country, the client decided not to engage with the company because of the evidence of ESG violations.

Case Study

Integrity due diligence in North America

A European company retained CRW to conduct an in-depth integrity due diligence on a company based in North America, a potential supplier of fossil fuels.

The Context

Research has established that two of the target company’s subsidiaries had been fined by the US for violating sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on Sudan, which was considered a terrorist financier-state until 2020. In addition, there were rumours that other affiliated companies, despite the sanctions imposed on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, continued to have business relations with a series of sanctioned Russian companies and a formal investigation by the US authorities into these allegations was likely to be launched.

The Result

Based on these findings, the client concluded that it did not intend to enter into a business relationship with the company.

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