CRW has conducted numerous assignments in the Asia Pacific region over the last five years, with a particular focus on India, China and Australia, mainly in the area of integrity due diligence. Several projects have also been conducted in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other countries.
CRW has developed a targeted approach for each of these jurisdictions which takes into account their respective challenges in obtaining information. For example, in India where access to reliable public information is broad, CRW has developed specific criteria to restrict the risk of homonyms, given the size of the country. In China, the majority of assignments include on the ground enquiries, to fill information gaps due to restrictions in obtaining independent information from the public domain.
Case Study

Investigation of an energy company

An Italian investment fund operating on an international scale retained CRW to investigate an Asia-Pacific energy company with the aim of developing a partnership in the wind and photovoltaic sector.

The Context

Reearch established that the company was ultimately owned by Chinese individuals and that it had been involved in legal proceedings due to allegations of violations of environmental and work safety regulations. In addition, the Chinese beneficial owner was linked to high -ranking PEP. Targeted research, conducted to establish whether this relationship represented a high risk or had been abused revealed no other red flags.

The Result

Based on the results of the due diligence, the client decided to take risk-mitigation measures including monitoring of the relationship.

Case Study

Integrity Due Diligence on a gas company

CRW was retained by a large European company to undertake integrity due diligence into a gas company based in Asia Pacific, a potential target of an acquisition.

The Context

The investigation revealed several issues of concern, including the involvement of two managers in market stock manipulation, evasion of custom duties and serious irregularities in coal imports for which they had been convicted.

The Result

The client was able to adopt appropriate risk-based decisions to mitigate the risks linked to the company and the managers, prior to proceeding with the acquisition.

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