CRW has conducted a large number of integrity due diligence and other types of investigative project in all EU and non-EU countries. Our team is fluent in the principal European languages and has developed a high level of expertise in most European countries.
CRW offers the same level of quality in all European jurisdictions’ also thanks to the contribution of trusted local partners who provide valuable support in gathering first-hand, reliable information in the local language. Their contribution is particularly valuable in jurisdictions where open sources are limited or not fully reliable and investigative enquiries are required.
Case Study

Reputational profile of a pharmaceutical company following the Covid-19 outbreak

A company operating on a global scale retained CRW to conduct integrity due diligence on a company in the pharmaceutical sector, in consideration of a business partnership.

The Context

Systematic analysis revealed that the company had a relatively negative public profile in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic and that, in the past, it had been involved in certain troubling issues, including being subject to sanctions in relation to irregularities in the marketing of drugs. Compared to its competitors, the company had  a rather negative reputation in the media, but it emerged that it had been the subject of an adverse media campaign which steered information and the market to the advantage of certain pharmaceutical brands to the detriment of the company.

The Result

Our risk assessment enabled the client to take a risk-based and informed decision in relation to the business partnership.

Case Study

Integrity due diligence on companies operating in the food sector

An international financial institution retained CRW to conduct enhanced integrity due diligence on three European companies operating in the food sector, with the objective of assessing their reputational profile prior to proceeding with an investment.

The Context

Our investigation revealed that the European companies were part of a Russian group whose ownership structure included offshore companies and the ultimate beneficial owner was not disclosed. A series of other red flags emerged including a recent investigation by financial authorities into allegations of tax evasion. The investigation also revealed that the parent company had been under the scrutiny of Russian regulatory authorities on several occasions. No charges had ever been made against the Russian company. However, sources agreed that the company’s “clean record” was influenced by the close relationship of one of the managers  with a highly influential PEP.

The Result

Based on the results, the client was able to adopt appropriate risk-based decisions to mitigate the risks linked to the investment.

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