Integrity Due Diligence. We help you assess and mitigate reputational risks related to your clients (KYC), business partners, vendors (KYV) and employees (KYE)

Our Integrity Due Diligence helps mitigate risks to which companies are exposed when doing business with other people and entities. By performing an appropriate level of research and analysis of independent information, we help you to build an understanding of your clients, suppliers and other business partners and identify any issues of concern relating to the ownership structure including ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs); origins of funds and wealth; criminal proceedings; regulatory issues; economic sanctions; links to politically exposed persons; ESG issues; and reputation.

We conduct research in the local language and all our findings are put in the local context. Our reports are tailored to address the principal issues of importance to the clients. All of our team members and associates have specialist backgrounds and extensive knowledge of the countries in which they operate, even in the most complex and high-risk jurisdictions.

The level of research and enquiries are proportionate to the level of risk related to the third-party. The higher the risk linked to its services or to the jurisdiction(s) in which the third-party operates, the deeper our investigation. This means that each investigation is designed to best suit the risk profile of the third party. Finally, our risk assessment provides clients with an evaluation of each category of risk, which helps them take the right business decision in relation to issues of concern involving those doing business with them.

Case Study: Infiltration of organised crime in the healthcare sector

A provider of healthcare services was considering a partnership with a company based in the South of Italy, specialised in management of nursing homes. The sector and the location of the company represent an inherent risk of Mafia infiltration. Therefore, prior to proceeding with the partnership, the client wanted to ensure that the company was free of such risks.

Our investigation revealed that the ownership structure was not transparent, included an entity registered in a Caribbean tax heaven, and the ultimate beneficial owner could not be identified. In addition, one of the company’s directors was on trial on charges of collaboration with a local organised crime group.

Based on these results, the client decided not to proceed with the partnership.

We help you take informed and risk-based decisions. Benefit from our experience.

You can purchase one of our due diligence reports directly or discuss with us how we can help you.


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