CRW has conducted numerous assignments in Northern, Eastern, Central and South Africa. The majority of the projects so far have been in the area of pre-transactional integrity due diligence and political risk analysis.
Little information is publicly available in most of African countries. However, CRW has developed a strong network of local experts who are able to fill the gaps by conducting open source intelligence through alternative sources, including social networks and the dark web as well as human intelligence and on-the ground investigations.
Case Study

Political Risk analysis in a North African country

CRW was retained by a global company to provide advisory services on the political, economic and physical security risks in relation to an investment in a North African country where the client intended to build a production site.

The Context

In addition to analysing the political and socio-economic risks, including local ethnic and religious tensions, CRW’s work included analysis of the strength of infrastructure, terms of tax policies, level of bureaucracy and corruption within public administration. Information was gathered through analysis of publicly available information and on-the-ground intelligence, as well as enquiries with confidential sources including public officials, foreign entrepreneurs operating in the country, former army officers, politicians, journalists and former European diplomats.

The Result

Based on CRW’s assessment, the client was able to include adequate risk mitigation measures in its long-term investment plan in the country.

Case Study

Integrity due diligence in an African country

CRW was retained by an Italian company to provide an integrity due diligence on an African entrepreneur with whom the client intended to establish a business relationship, to ensure that there were no reputational risks attached to him.

The Context

The work included analysis of publicly available information and enquiries with local sources. Research established that the target, who was operating in numerous sectors including publishing, media, mining and logistics, had close ties with a series of high-level politicians and that, most likely, he had illicitly benefited from these relationships to avoid indictments for corruption, embezzlement, fraud and tax evasion. In addition, it emerged that a top manager of the group controlled by the target company was under investigation on allegations of money laundering.

The Result

Based on the results of the investigation, the client decided not to continue the business relationship.

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